SPR EP013 - Dr James Hoffman,PhD

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SPR EP013 - James Hoffmann, PhD

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT RECOVERY! Dr.James explains (in detail) every aspect of  sports performance recovery! The science of what it is, why you need it and why SO SO MUCH OF WHAT IS MARKETED IS BULLSHIT (or worse)!

Dr.James Hoffmann, PhD

Sport Performance Consultant


BS University of Illinois at Chicago : Biochemistry

MS University of Illinois at Chicago : Applied Exercise Physiology

PhD East Tennessee State University : Sport Physiology

Interim Program Director for the BS in Exercise and Sport Sciences, Temple University

Assistant Professor at Temple University: Strength and Conditioning, Nutrient Metabolism, Exercise Physiology, Internships

Coauthor of The Renaissance Diet, The Scientific Principles of Strength Training

Division I W Rugby Coach

Former Division I Strength and Conditioning Coach

Former Instructor East Tennessee State University : Pyschomotor Development, Sports Conditioning, Structural Kinesiology

Former Sport Scientist : ETSU Athletics

Athletic Background : Wrestling, Rugby, American Football, Martial Arts

Areas of interest : Recovery-Adaptation relationships in sport, Training for tactical professionals, Use of sled pushing modalities in sport

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