SPR EP015 – Dr. Mike Israetel ‘Knowledge and Decisions in Fitness’

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SPR EP015 – Dr. Mike Israetel 'Knowledge and Decisions in Fitness'

Everything you need to know about HOW to make the best possible choices available. Plus some pointed cometary on drugs, poor spelling and “Shemales”.

'Knowledge and Decisions in Fitness'
1.) Sources of Knowledge
- No replacement for independent thinking
- Must know at least basics already ON YOUR OWN to vet potential sources
- Respect for science by source: good
- Lack of axe to grind by source: good (conspiracy theory leanings a good tell here)
- Experience doing/coaching is good... esp if you're looking for real world tips
- Combine all for best results

2.) Tools to Make Decisions
- Calm state of mind, let truth reveal itself vs. searching for it actively in a place you think it will be
- Open minded to all possibilities
- Use accumulated knowledge and logical inference to frame various choices/alternate views as probabilities (knowledge of basic bio, past literature on new GMO issues for example)
- Giving the least probable the most examination
- Always circle back to strengthen your knowledge/inference base

3.) Giving Advice
- Don't give advice in areas of cursory familiarity unless you MUST. Stick to what you know best. (Forum anti estrogen example)
- Unsolicited advice: usually highly ineffective
- Generalities ok to give to most anyone, specifics require the kind of insight ONLY A PERSONAL/COACHING relationship can give
- If you're not sure you know the issue very well, don't feel like you need to chime in. Bad advice is worse than no advice

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