SPR Episode001 - Andrew Triana

Sports Performance Radio EP001

Sports Performance Radio
B.Chavez of EvilGenius Sports Performance talks shop with the best of the best in strength and power sports to get you the info you need to get bigger, stronger and faster today!

Andrew Triana Schools us all on "Energy Systems" and why we ARE NOT doing right!

About Andrew:
My name is Andrew Triana, and I’m really just a nerd who got into human performance. I’m an elite level strongman competitor studying Exercise Science at Springfield College and have been competing in strength sports for 5 years now. I’m particularly interested in neurophysiology and biology and plan on attending graduate school to receive advanced degrees in both subjects.

At my core, I’m just obsessed with human performance. I’ve gone out of my way to intern and work with some of the best coaches and experts in the field and spend the majority of my time pouring over textbooks and research. This nerdy side of me really is the driving force behind the elite level strongman competitor. Mastering the art of being your own coach is an incredible challenge, but it has also allowed me to gather priceless feedback on my own methods of training.

Being a high-level competitor really allows me to take a different point of view on a lot of the knowledge I accumulate. Perhaps this is why my methods seem a bit strange. I am fully aware that doing band resisted GHR’s for 6 sets of max reps twice a week is insane. I am also aware that it may be a bit strange that I weigh every single gram of nutrient I put into my mouth. I can tell you it sucked, but I can also say I have over a triple bodyweight deadlift, double bodyweight front squat, and I am one of the fastest movers in the country for my weight class.


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