SPR EP012 - Mike Israetel, PhD

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B.Chavez of EvilGenius Sports Performance talks shop with the best of the best in strength and power sports to get you the info you need to get bigger, stronger and faster today!

SPR EP012 - Mike Israetel, PhD

Political Science, Butt Sex And EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HYPERTROPHY! Dr.Mike explains (in detail) every aspect of hypertrophy for sports performance! 

If Your Goals Include Becoming A Bigger Stronger, Faster Athlete Then DO NOT MISS This Episode! 

For More From Dr. Mike:

BS University of Michigan: Movement Science
MS Appalachian State University: Exercise Science
Phd East Tennessee State University: Sport Physiology
Assistant Professor Temple University: Exercise Science, Nutrition
Former Assistant Professor University of Central Missouri: Exercise Science
Former Instructor East Tennessee State University: Sport Physiology, Sport Nutrition
Primary Sport Nutrition Consultant: U.S.Olympic Training Site, Johnson City, TN
Sport Scientist: ETSU Athletics
Strength Coach: ESTU Women’s Volleyball
Competitive Powerlifter (Former State, National, and World Record holder)
Competitive Bodybuilder (4th place at 2013 NY Metropolitans – SHW)

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