TeamEvilGSP - Q&A Feb 2018

TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A - Feb 2018

B.Chavez of TeamEvilGSP Answers Your Questions Live!

One-On-One Consultations and Personalized Training And Nutrition Available At
Team EvilGSP Defined:
As well as being Delaware’s premier strength and power team, Team EvilGSP is the practical arm and test bed for Evil Genius Sports Performance. Through constant experimentation and methodical data collection, EvilGSP is able to develop new training strategies as well as refine existing protocols to meet the demands of modern high-level athletics.

Cutting edge training and nutritional science wrapped in a %100 hard-core attitude!

- Powerlifting
- StrongMan
- Weightlifting
- Athletics Programming
- Bodybuilding
- Advanced Nutrition
- Supplementation

Evil Genius Sports Performance is dedicated to the pursuit of “ULTIMATE SPORTS PERFORMANCE"

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